School Assessment

Our Charter School Assessment Process

Are you a charter school with a proven track record? Or maybe you just have a solid new charter model? If so, then we want to get to know you and assess your needs. Step one is educating ourselves as to who you are today, so that together we can build an even brighter tomorrow.

The Charter School Fund selects partners like you who are already the crème de la crème in education. Our charter school assessment process helps us analyze how to give you the extra boost to take your school -- be it existing or just a concept -- to the next level.

Typically during assessment, we collaborate with a charter school to map out an effective charter school design, identify critical needs of the charter school facilities, and articulate future needs of the school. Our team works hard to understand your charter school’s mission, philosophy, and priorities so that they can be integrated into your overall plan.

It makes sense that we first educate ourselves about our partner schools. We love getting to know you!

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