Our Proven Approach

Charter School Development

While advising on charter school land, charter school building construction, and charter school financing is our area of expertise, it is our charter school selection process that makes us stand out from other charter school development firms.

Simply put, The Charter School Fund is successful because we are selective during the application process. We insist that our charter schools demonstrate values that we collectively share.

We believe in:

  • Students first
  • High-quality execution with no excuses
  • Commitment to efficiency
  • Communication with partner schools
  • Promoting greater school choice and academic excellence nationwide

Our experience has shown that when charter schools are aligned with these values, they most often achieve academic and social success in their communities. It takes organization, commitment, and vision. But by asking the tough questions up front, we help schools identify their strengths - and the potential challenges to their model. Ultimately, the reward is well-planned charter school growth that benefits everyone.

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