Choosing a Developer

Choosing a Charter School Developer

Requesting proposals is just part of the research process when selecting a development partner for your school. In addition to your own queries, make sure you feel comfortable with how a developer addresses criteria like these.


  • Is the company a start-up or does it have a record of accomplishments?
  • Has the company completed projects during economic downturns?
  • What do past clients have to say about their experiences with the company?


  • Has the company developed a charter school before?
  • How well does the company understand your charter’s goals?
  • Are these goals uniquely addressed in the proposal?
  • Is the company familiar with your state’s funding for charter schools?
  • Do you feel confident in the company’s understanding of your budget and timeline?

Style and Interaction

  • How much does the company expect you to know about real estate development?
  • How do they respond to “basic” questions if you are inexperienced in this field?
  • Do you feel your concerns (large or small) are fully addressed?

Purpose and Philosophy

  • Does the company value your educational purposes?
  • What role in the community does the company see for your school?
  • Does the company address future needs/concerns for your school?

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