Why We're Different

The Charter School Fund Difference

Charter schools are all we do. We are not like the many companies that develop and fund school projects who are mostly driven by their bottom lines. This means The Charter School Fund understands your needs on a level that extends beyond the mere brick and mortar of your school building. While we are a private venture, we believe in the trend of charter education and are committed to connecting high-quality charter schools with the funding, focus, and facilities they need to succeed long term.

Our proven approach identifies the distinct goals of your charter and the style of your education strategy. Because of our experience, we know how to help make your school appealing to parents, students, and staff while staying within - and making the most of - your budget.  The needs of our clients include finding charter school land, constructing and financing the buildings for their schools, and gaining the funding to make it all happen. However, we also analyze charter development needs and specialize in overall charter school assessment.

What sets us apart is our belief that successful charter school development has tremendous social rewards for the communities we service. The positive economic impact that charter schools bring improve communities one by one. We at The Charter School Fund enjoy leading our partner schools on this rewarding journey.

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