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The Charter School Fund

Here at The Charter School Fund, we are committed to success in education. Our experienced consultants in areas such as charter school funding, charter school design, and charter school construction financing impact communities by giving good charter schools the tools that make them exceptional. We understand that the right charter facility is important for the long-term growth of a school and have a history of connecting success-minded schools with the right real estate and school buildings for their overall vision.  We believe that charter schools benefit the public good when done well, and we’re honored to partner with our outstanding clients.

Mission -- The Charter School Fund will optimize the potential of the success-driven charter schools with which we partner by providing in-depth consulting in areas essential to the growth of their facilities and overall charter school development.

Vision -- The Charter School Fund will emerge as the nation’s leading developer of excelling charter facilities. We will continue to foster our relationships with our current and potential clients who depend on us for help with the key building blocks of a successful charter school.  From charter school funding to charter school design and beyond, we will continuously strive to exceed the expectations of the students, educators, and community members we impact.

Values -- Success, Drive, Collaboration, Results, Commitment, Dedication, Quality


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