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The Charter School Fund is a social venture that helps top-tier charter schools obtain outstanding facilities. We believe through responsible funding and our experienced focus, we will positively impact children, communities, and education nationwide.

True specialists. True believers. No one develops charter schools quite like we do. Learn why

Selective = Success Our partner schools are among the best. How we find each other

Which Developer is Right? What to consider when growing your school. See the honest issues

All-Around Excellence Our partner schools are up and growing. Meet them now

We’re making a difference

  • 324 million invested in market driven education
  • Over 20,000 children served
  • 1.4 million square feet delivered
  • Over 3,000 jobs created

Complete Facility Solutions

Here at The Charter School Fund, we are committed to success in education. Our experienced consultants in areas such as charter school assessmentcharter school financingcharter school design, and charter school construction financing impact communities by giving good charter schools the tools that make them exceptional.

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Ready to Grow?

Are you a charter school with a proven track record? Or maybe you just have a solid new charter model? If so, then we want to get to know you and assess your needs. Step one is educating ourselves as to who you are today, so that together we can build an even brighter tomorrow.

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